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Smith Research & Technology, Inc.
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Dayle Rigby Smith, 1923 - 2005

The employees of SRT Inc. are sad to report the peaceful passing of Dayle Smith who has been the driving force behind our activities for nearly 24 years.

We, the staff of Smith Research & Technology, appreciate your interest and support of Mr. Smith's innovative solutions over the years.

As of October 11, 2005 production facilities were shut down and packed for storage.

Azhanti Systems purchased the patent rights and production equipment of SRT on Feb 20, 2007.
Expect an announcement of which products will be continued and when "right soon now."

Questions regarding engineering support or suggestions for replacement products can still be e-mailed to Please use the initials "SRT" in the subject line. Telephone contact can be arranged after receipt of an e-mail containing your contact information.

I understand. Please show me SRT's Products as they were in 2005.