Doug's Computing Experience

Control Data 1604

Theoretical optics using Fortran

Control Data 3100

Telemetry data analysis, rocket motion using Fortran and Compass assembler. Extensive modifications to compiler for calculations of rocket attitude in near real time. Design of interface hardware for direct entry of radio data.

Control Data 3800

System modifications as required to allow a staff of programmers to process data from the HEAO spacecraft. Special handling for large non-character data base. Conversion of drum oriented operating system to disks.

Data General Eclipse S250

Adapt AOS operating system to the needs of satellite data processing. Create special interface software to allow Fortran coding to access non-standard tapes and disk files.

Digital VAX

Use of VMS operating system. Knowledge of command language, Fortran, and the C compiler.

Apple Computer

Certified developer Macintosh systems, MPW-C and C++, Extensions to Hypercard (Claris) and Excel (Microsoft).


68000, 68020, 68030, 68HC11 hardware and programming. Developed cross-assembler and linker for the 'HC11 which operates under Apple's Macintosh Programmer's Workshop.
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