Doug's Work Experience

The MacNauchtan Laboratory.

Founder - Custom software and electronic instrumentation since 1987.

Sachs Freeman Associates.

Consultant - Design of radio receivers for plasma studies in space. 1986 - present. Primary client: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Plasma Physics Division.

Apple Computer, Inc.

Developer - Certified developer since 1987. Software for scientific applications of the Macintosh computer line.

Universities Space Research Associates

Consultant - Mini and microcomputer software, satellite data processing. 1983 - 1986. Assigned to U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Space Science Division.

University of the District of Columbia

Instructor. Aircraft electricity for Airframe & Powerplant mechanics. 1983-1984.

Professional Flight Service.

(FAA Certified Repair Station 162-8) 1980-1991. Design, installation, and repair of radio and other electronic systems in light aircraft. Specialized designs for secure communications, radionavigation, and photography.

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Washington D.C. 1956-1983 Intermittent from 1956 to 1963 then permanent. Small rocket payloads for research concerning the earth's near-space environment and the upper atmosphere. Associated engineering techniques including optical design, supersonic aerodynamics, rocket control, radio telemetry, data recording and processing, numerical fitting of theoretical calculations to observed data.

Univ of Wisconsin

1962-1963 - Post doctoral appointment for research in interferometric spectroscopy.

Wesleyan University

1955 - Lab instructor

Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania

1950-1952 (intermittent) - Installer - conversion of home phones to dial.
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