I have been a MiniCAD user since it was produced by a small outfit in Columbia MD. In the early days it was a fairly general CAD program that was a real competitor to MacDraw. When Apple stopped supporting MacDraw in favor of ClarisCAD which was impossible I became a MiniCAD enthusiast. Now that MiniCAD has become VectorWorks and has seen its future profitablilty in the architectural area I am frustrated. Staying current means paying for a whole bunch of architecture stuff that I have no interest in. But. . . It's still pretty much the best available.

Over the years I have created a few MiniPascal scripts that I think are worthwhile. They seem to work in modern versions of Vectorworks even though I have not tried to keep it that way.

The links are:

Doug McNutt dmcnutt@macnauchtan.com, Thu Feb 22 15:53:13 MST 2007