MacNauchts in Galloway, Scotland, 1250-1700

Last Update 8 August, 1995

John MacNacht-an Legendary founder of Galloway branch of Clan MacNauchtan.

Gilbert MacNaucht Galloway family chief who signed Ragman Roll in 1296 swearing homage to King Edward I of England.

John MacNaucht I b. ca. 1360 Lived at Kilquhanity

Dougal MacNaucht I b. ca. 1390 Son of John I and successor at Kilquhanity.

Fergus MacNaught I b. ca. 1420 Son of Dougal I who received Crown charter ownership of Kilquhanity.

John MacNaucht of Crogo and Dalwhairn Cousin of Fergus I

Andrew MacNaucht Son of John of Crogo. Received charter from King James III in 1473 for lands at Crogo and Dalwhairn. Andrew had no sons so title passed through daughter's husband to Gordon family.

Dougal MacNaucht II Son of Fergus I and successor at Kilquanity.

Fergus MacNaucht II Son of Dougal II. Married a Beatrice Gordon. Received Crown charter to Nether Kilquhanity in 1524.

John MacNaucht II 1510-1596. Son of Fergus II. Married Janet Gordon. Received charter to Kilwquhanity in 1538. Slew William Sinclair in feud quarrel in 1542.

John MacNaucht III Son of John II. Married Marion Geddes 1s 3d Received charter to Kilquhanity in 1545. Built Old Bridge of Urr in 1580. Acquired Mill of Crossmichael. Died in 1585.

Roger MacNaucht I 1540-1610 Second son of John II and brother of John III. Merchant in Edinburgh 1565-1610 and Burgess of Edinburgh 1574 - Married Janet Ranyng of Dumfries 1s 3d

John MacNaucht IV Son of John III Kilquhanity charter holder after 1596. Married Agnes Grier (d. 1605). Married (2) Margaret Gordon 1s 2d Murdured 1612.

Roger MacNasucht II Son of Juhn IV Acquired Kilquhanity 1634 Died 1641.

John MacNaucht V Son of Roger I and cousin of John IV. Acquired title to Kilquhanity in 1642. Died 1646.

Nicola MacNaucht Daughter of John IV and sister of Roger II. Married John MacNaucht of Dundeugh 2 sons.

John MacNaucht VI Son of Nicola. Acquired title to Kilquhanity in 1668. Died 1680. Married Florence Gordon. Married (2) Elizabeth Dunbar 2s Since Kilquhanity debts were so high, estate was lost to family.

Patrick (MacNaught) McKnight Son of John VI. MIgrated to New York City around 1700 and became merchant and landowner. Visited mother in Galloway in 1720 and returned to New York.

John McKnight Son of Patrick. Died at sea on trip from New York to Jamaica in 1738, ending the senior male MacNaucht line.

Patrick MacNaucht of Cumnock, John MacNaucht of Culfad, and Alexander MacNaucht, younger, of Overtown in Dalry, who were proclaimed traitors, were among scores of Covenanters in the MacNaucht family who were persecuted for revellious adherence to the Presbyterian Church between 1660 and 1685.

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