The McNutt Family of Saugus, Massachusetts

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The McNutt Family History of Saugus, Massachusetts

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This brief history of the McNutt family of Saugus, Massachusetts, has been prepared so that members and descendants will have information about their ancestors and family relatives. It was written by my Grandfather, Homer E. McNutt in the mid 1980's. (That's Ross' grandfather and my dad, DPM) Two generations of the family lived in Saugus from about 1890 until 1968, with members and descendants now widely scattered throughout the United States. Most of those who lived in the town received their education at the Saugus High School between 1890 and 1945, and at some time were associated with the Cliftondale Methodist Church.

Most of the information about the family for the 19th and 20th centuries was obtained from family members who lived during the 20th century. Early family history was obtained principally from printed references

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From the Clan MacNauchtan to the McNutts of Saugus History of the clan. Dad's principal text.

MacNauchtans in Argyll, Scotland 1200-1700 Dad's appendix Ia.

MacNaghtens in Antrim, Northern Ireland 1580-1900 Dad's appendix Ib.

MacNauchts in Galloway, Scotland 1250-1738 Dad's appendix Ic.

Early McNitt and McNutt Families in America, the direct line Direct relatives leading up to Homer Edward McNutt. Dad's appendix IIabc.

Other Direct Line Families, Lynds of Nova Scotia, Damons of Fairhaven, Mass., Fiske of Saugus, and Williams of Saugus. Dad's appendix IIIabcd.

Cousins of McNutts of Saugus Relatives not in the direct line of descent to Homer Edward McNutt. Dad's appendix IV.

Descendants of McNutts of Saugus.

McNutt and McNitt Sideline Families Dad's appendix VI a-h.

Early McNutt Families in Nova Scotia Dad's appendix VII

Early Clan MacNauchtan Families in America Early Clan MacNauchtan families elsewhere in America. Dad's appendix VIII.

References, notation, credits Dad's appendix IX with additions.

Wills, Letters, and Heirlooms Dad's appendix X

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