AC Sensors with AC Voltage Output

Our AC current and voltage sensors with AC output are designed for those who prefer to condition their own signals after sensing.

Our high linearity current sensors with AC voltage output will monitor from 2 to 600 amps, but this range can drop to as low as 100 mA with additional windings through the sensor hole. These sensors are current to voltage converters, and the output is calibrated to provide 3.5 Vrms at full scale (customer specified current) in the 6 Hz to 14 MHz frequency range. The flux surrounding the wire being monitored supplies power to the sensor, but requires much less power than a CT. The magnetic air-gap prevents saturation at high current and exhibits a monotonic transition into the overload region. The air-gap also eliminates dangerous conditions associated with open secondary windings of CT's. These sensors come packaged in our "A" thru "E" case sizes. Case size will depend on wire diameter and the amount of current being monitored. You may also specify what type of output terminals you would like installed (lug nuts, solder terminals, wire, etc).

Our standard AC voltage sensor with AC voltage output will monitor from 30 to 1000 Vrms. The voltage sensor uses a transformer which has been optimized with external circuitry for sensing of potential while drawing a minimum of power. Typically these units will draw less than 2 mA from the voltage being monitored. The transformer is also air-gapped so that large voltage excursions as well as transient phenomena are accommodated. The output of the sensor is calibrated to provide 3.5 Vrms at full scale (customer specified voltage) and isolated from the line. The low dissipation effects and high frequency response make these units ideal for monitoring everything from voltage harmonics created by nonlinear loads, to voltage changes caused by lightning strikes. The unit comes packaged in our standard "D" size case.

Applications include: Features include:
  • Power Demand Control
  • Load Sensing
  • Power Failure Detection
  • Heater Current Detection
  • Motor Overload Detection/Control
  • Instrumentation for Microprocessor/Computer Input
  • Safety Switching
  • Power line Spike Detection
  • Power line Current Level Monitor
  • Self-powered: No additional power source needed and signal sensing without bias current.
  • Safe operation at all voltage and current levels.
  • Extremely low burden.
  • Magnetic assemblies operate into open circuits, or may be loaded as needed for linearity desired (sensors unharmed from zero to infinite load).
  • No zero offset adjustment required.
  • Highly linear, linearity and output voltage depend upon loading.
  • Proportional readout for computer interface.
  • Input intelligence for instrumentation.
  • Economical and flexible design solutions for monitoring and controlling.
  • Isolated analog signal output.
  • Repeatable and accurate.
  • Fast response for statistically reliable sampling rates.

Engineers at SRT are available to discuss any questions you might have on any of our products. Often we are asked to customize or prepare special calibrations on our sensors to suit customer needs. Please contact us at (800) 447-6805 and ask for Dayle Smith or Doug McNutt, or FAX us at (719) 634-2601, or send E-mail to

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